Monday, December 11, 2006

Barbara's Workout

Dynamic Warmup:
Hip Crossover, Scorpion, Calf Stretch, Hand Walk, Inverted Hamstring, Lateral Lunge, Forward Lunge/Forearm to Instep, Backward Lunge w/Twist, Drop Lunge, Sumo Squat to Stand

TBT Upper Body/Lower Body Weights:
12 X ____ @ 50%
10 X ____ @ 60%
8 X ____ @ 70%
6 X ____ @ 80%
12 X ____ @ 90%
12 X ____ @ 100%

Back1 and Back2
Legs1 and Legs2
Legs3 and Legs4

Mini Circuit (30 seconds each):
Bosu Squat, Russian Twist, Physioball Leg Curl, Physioball Tuck, One Arm One Leg Dumbell Row

Streching and Foam Roller

Friday, December 01, 2006

Sub for Mike's Core Class Plan

Warmup: Sun Salute - 10 times

Power: Plyometrics
1 minute box jump
1 minute side hops
1 minute depth jumps with side sprint
1 minute hop in place

Circuit: with bar
Abs: Planks

Cardio: Seilo's Drill 2 or 3X with Balance in between

Balance: Yoga Side to Sides

Cool Down: Rotation and Lower Back Stuff
Bar on Back, rotate torso on two legs
Bar on Back, rotate torso on one leg
Bar on Back, rotate hips and shoulders in alignment
Bar on Back, rotate torso on tippy toes