Thursday, November 16, 2006

Danielle's Story

“When Adam approached me about starting a 12 week program where I’d be required to account for my diet and go to the gym six days a week, I was a bit apprehensive. Actually, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do it. I had only been working out for about a year, and I was pretty inconsistent about it. I thought I was a healthy eater, but I was really fooling myself. I work in an office and have access to chocolate every day; and believe me I would have chocolate almost every single day. It was time for a change. I was at a weight above where I wanted to be. I had been at a heavier weight ever since I gained my “freshman 15.” I realized that I would be turning 30 soon, which meant that I had been unhappy with my weight for about ten years. Ten years!! It was time to do something about it – FINALLY!

I told Adam I would do it. We started full force at the end of this past February. A week into it, I had a family emergency and had to go out of town for a week. I totally fell off the wagon. When I got back into town, I recommitted myself and started right back up. I didn’t beat myself up about taking that week off, because I started back up as soon as I returned, and I have been going strong ever since. And when I say strong, I mean it! I have never felt so strong, inside and out. This program has given me confidence about my body and also about my ability to commit to doing what I know is right for me. I have transferred this knowledge into other aspects of my life and have been able to stand up for myself in situations where before I might have felt overpowered.

This program has taught me so much. It has transformed my body. I have taken inches off my waist, thighs, and hips. This is every woman’s dream result! I have gotten muscles in my arms and legs, chest and back – everywhere! And I plan to keep this program going for the rest of my life. I feel like I have the tools now to keep going strong for a really long time.

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, either, which totally surprised me. I thought I would be hungry and deprived, tired and sore, etc. But I haven’t felt that way at all. Instead I feel empowered, proud, and confident! I still get to eat all my favorite junk food on my Guilt Free Day. I look forward to having a special dessert that day, and will save up my cravings until that day. I have finally been able to have control over my cravings for the first time in my life.

Adam really helped me to stick to the program. We helped each other. It was important for us to have each other’s support at the beginning. We felt responsible to each other, and we motivated each other. Then at some point we realized that we were able to be responsible for ourselves. That’s the ultimate goal. After awhile, we wanted to keep going because we really enjoyed exercising, and we loved our diet. We felt good after eating a meal, not sluggish with tummy aches. We found that we talked about exercising and nutrition all the time. We read articles on the internet about it. It really became an important part of our lives.

This program is great! I’ve been doing it since early 2005, and I’m still excited about it. You will never believe how strong you can become, both inside and out. Have fun with it; get a friend involved. And good luck!”
- Danielle